October 2021

Another great month with the second part of the Advocacy Series being published and available on The Young Stroke Project Facebook Page and Website. The opportunity to reach people across the country has been a marvellous experience and everyone deserves to feel confident in leading the own recovery process. Advocacy in Hospital – the next phase is both a personal experience story and insightful way to provide tips for meeting your own specific needs during the Rehabilitation process. This can be as much or little as you are prepared to put in and the essential part is it’s up to the individual!!

I was also approached by ABC Radio Illawarra to discuss the accessibility available around Wollongong and surrounding areas. I suggested a few minor ideas that could improve accessibility for a large number of people, installing rails at the sides of pathways on hills, utilising the lights with numbered walking to allow people the opportunity to evaluate crossing or waiting until next set and improving the lip on the edge of paths to a flat surface making it easier for those with mobility aids.

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