October 2022

Energies were divided between a few commitments and leave for this month. Early on the monthly Synapse meeting was held in Wollongong at Deli and Dine Restaurant. A great turn out with a few new faces showing up and sharing with the group. On departing from my previous employer Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre, I had expressed my interest in continuing as a consumer advocate in whichever capacity was I could. The 20th Birthday Anniversary Lunch was held mid-October and I attended both as a previous employee and as a Consumer Advocate speaking in the Celebratory Speeches at the start. A great opportunity to network with those in the rehabilitation space, I took the opportunity to approach my doctor whilst in hospital (who had been a speaker as well) and the Director of AROC to obtain verbal quotes after reading my book for the back of my book. Both agreed and while it was fresh in my mind, I contacted the Clinical Psychologist at Illawarra Brain Injury Service to ask him to read and provide a quote as well. He agreed with this taking my book to the next step of cover material to finalise for printing. I will be starting off with a small quantity of 100 to gauge the interest by the community. Keep an eye out for more information in next month’s newsletter.

Speaking at the AROC 20th Birthday Celebration Lunch
Past and Present Team Members at AROC’s 20th Birthday Celebration Lunch

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