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Thursday, 22 June 2023 excerpt

Altered Abilities – Rebecca Schmidt-Lachlan
We were honoured to welcome Bec from Altered Abilities as a guest speaker at our recent staff meeting. With her remarkable expertise and inspiring personal journey, Bec captivated the entire Community Industry Group team. Her insightful presentation emphasised the importance of inclusivity and empowerment within our community. Bec’s remarkable resilience and determination left us motivated to create positive change and ensure equal opportunities for everyone. We are immensely grateful for her valuable contribution and the invaluable insights she shared with us.
Find out more information about Bec’s journey, book and resources from her website  
Almost there!!! Lift Installation at Unanderra Train Station
Book Stall – Shit!! I’m 26 and had a Stroke
Speaking at AROC 20th anniversary luncheon October 2022
AROC Team Members past and present along with Vice-Chancellor Patricia Davidson
Publishing my book December 2022 – SNAP Printing Wollongong
Speaking at the Disability Trust Your Voice, Your Choice Conference 2019

Receiving 2018 Wollongong Woman of the Year Award

“I congratulate the 2018 Wollongong electorate Woman of the Year, Rebecca Lachlan. Bec is a fighter for fairness and absolutely deserving of this recognition….

After suffering a stroke nearly a decade ago and spending months recovering, Bec began to understand the difficulties faced by people with mobility with mobility problems in accessing services and venues that we all take for granted….

She recognised that the platform at Unanderra Staton cannot be readily by people with mobility problems, the elderly, and parents with prams and she set out on a campaign to fix it….

Bec also works hard to raise awareness of Strokes and their impact and helps to raise funds for research and support. Bec is a most worthy recipient of this award, and I congratulate her. May she keep up the fight.” – Paul Scully Hansard (Wollongong Woman of the Year)

The Woman of the Year Awards – Sydney Convention Centre – Mach 2018
Speaking as a StrokeSafe Ambassador 2016