Beliefs, Aims, and Customer Interactions

  • Positivity
  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency


Altered Abilities has been designed to focus on the positive aspects of an individual’s skills. Each person presents a unique set of attributes which should be celebrated. Bringing together the elements we shine in and excel allows a shift in perceptions where we can have an inclusive society. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness and takes a large amount of courage and strength from within. Working together and uniting equals the possibility of achieving anything, there is only the limitations you place on yourself.

Mission Statement

Through public speaking, motivational presentations, blogs and webinars, Altered Abilities can broaden the scope for people with living a disability, mental health condition and anyone wanting to expand their horizons. Taking a different point of view and highlighting the positive aspects involved can turn any situation into a much less daunting experience and brings with it knowledge for next time. Life is a progression of twists and turns, it’s how we approach these are the defining moments.


Majority of people see a component as broken and this makes them feel inadequate. In truth, this makes us stronger and better equipped at learning new skills to achieve the same outcome. Understanding this change in everyday life can be useful in our future endeavours and bring a depth of wisdom previously not experienced. Reducing the fear and stigmas associated with Altered Abilities opens up a whole new range of lifestyle options and choices. Working with community, health and the private sector helps to foster discussion and look at circumstances in a new light.


  • Identify the potential and skills in each person
  • Allow individuals the opportunity to shine
  • Work together to adapt strengths
  • Appreciate skills and Abilities
  • All people are equal and it is the differences make them unique