May 2022

May started off well with the Wollongong City Council Presentation working via the Internet without too many quitches and great feedback from the participants. Each offered a keen insight into Altered Abilities as a concept to present in the community which is both valued and appreciated. An opportunity to volunteer through the Living Books Program run by Wollongong City Council was mentioned during the presentation and later at the end of the month I met with one of the Program Coordinators to discuss Altered Abilities involvement and explain the program conceptSharing lived experience with Year 10 students at local high schools. Keen to share my knowledge of life with Altered Abilities and choosing to view experiences with different perspectives, I committed my time to volunteer on this valuable service to our local youth. For further information about the Living Books Program, you can visit Wollongong City Council to find out more or call (02) 4227 7111.

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