July 2023

Discussions were held early in the month to appear in a pitching content video encouraging Stroke Survivors to participate in the submissions for 2023. Some maintenance was required for the Altered Abilities Website, updating the Online Store and components essential to keep the site up to date. I participated in a Workshop to update a Stroke Foundation Fact sheet and was honoured to be part of the lived experience team providing feedback on existing material.

Administration and promotional emails for the Awareness Presentation and Book – Shit!! I’m 26 and had a Strokewere sent out. Some networking meetings to inform providers about the services I offer took place towards the middle of the month. I purchased a ticket for the Community Industry Group Services Awards to be held in September and submitted an article to the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women.

I am currently looking into the mandatory requirements to register with NDIS as a provider. A flier to promoting Shit!! I’m 26 and had a Stroke was sent through to Illawarra Brian Injury Service for patients as reading material to provide reassurance there are others going through similar experiences, major life changes and using alternative methods to achieve the same outcome.

Honoured to provide consumer feedback on existing material on Fact Sheet
Altered Abilities Logo
Creating Positive Change – Awareness Presentation
Service Awards in September
Patient perspective

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