September 2023

September began with Administration duties and getting records up to date. The start of the month was also taken up with organising Interviews for the weekly Ability Matters Program on Vox FM. I also assisted the WAWAN (Wollongong Against War and Nukes) in their door-knocking campaign to raise awareness for the proposed Nuclear Base at Port Kembla by visiting local residents. Majority of the days leading up to presenting my Altered Abilities Awareness Course as Diversity Training at Community Industry Group had been spent promoting the event. The day went well with a small group which enabled an intimate setting.

Pitching for 2023 opened up and although my pitch was not selected, I am happy to be involved with pitching an alternative article suggested by the Young Stroke Project. Presenter Training began late in the month to assist in strengthening my announcing abilities on Vox FM. Finally, it was my great pleasure to attend the Community Industry Group Service Awards Dinner and see all the wonderful contributions made by our local organisations in our community.

Ability Matters on 106.9 FM Tuesdays at 12pm
Young Stroke Project supports people up to 65
Lovely to celebrate all the great work being done in the Community Services Sector

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