December 2023

The last month of the year started catching up on administration and my regular weekly Ability Matters co-hosting on Vox FM. Living Books held their combined 15-year celebration and Christmas dinner for all the participants. I was honoured to take part in Wollongong Council’s Diversity Training speaking with new employees about my personal journey after a brain stem Stroke. Time was spent toward the middle and end of the month working on my article for the Young Stroke Project.

I continued my Presenter Training at Vox FM and got extremely excited to join my trainer for some on the job training while he was on the air. Ability Matters Podcast can be viewed on U Tube or Spotify or alternatively you can listen live every Tuesday at 12pm. Catch some great tunes in between interviews connecting people with local services or hearing about the daily challenges and resilience of people with living with Altered Abilities.

Great combined 15 year celebration and Christmas Dinner
Every Tuesday on 106.9 Vox FM at 12pm

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